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Recommender system for eco-friendly accommodations

As as part of EU project EcoDots we built a recommender system for eco-friendly accommodations at the website The system leverages Prediction.IO platform and Elasticserach to offer recommendations as a service. G. Slapnicar et al.: Recommender System as a Service based on the Alternating Least Squares Algorithm (IS 2015) In this paper, we describe …


Papers at ECAI 2014

Aleš Tavčar, Boštjan Kaluža, Marcel Kvassay, Bernhard Schneider and Matjaž Gams, “Surrogate-Agent Modelling for Improved Training“, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2014 Jernej Zupančič, Damjan Kužnar, Boštjan Kaluža, Matjaž Gams, “Two-Stage Negotiation Protocol for Lowering the Consumption of Convexly Priced Resources“, Worksop on Intelligent Agents and Technologies for Socially Interconnected Systems ‘


UbiComp 2013: Ensembles of Multiple Sensors for Human Energy Expenditure Estimation

Authors: H. Gjoreski, B. Kaluža, M. Gams, R. Milić, and M. Luštrek 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2013) Abstract: Monitoring human energy expenditure is important in many health and sport applications, since the energy expenditure directly reflects the level of physical activity. The actual energy expenditure is unpractical to …

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Book: Instant Weka How-to

Author: B. Kaluža Pack Publishing, UK (ISBN : 1782163867) Data mining has become one of the hottest topics in computer science, mainly due to the vast amounts of data in diverse applications such as market basket analysis, reactive business intelligence, human genome sequence mining, speech recognition, document search, and spam detection. Instant Weka How-to shows …


JAISE: Analysis of Daily-Living Dynamics

Authors: B. Kaluža and M. Gams Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments Abstract An analysis of daily-living behavior is an important approach to assess the wellbeing of an elderly person that lives at home alone. This paper presents an approach to monitoring an individual in the home environment by an ambient-intelligence system in order …


AAMAS 2012: Detection of Suspicious Behavior from a Sparse Set of Multiagent Interactions

Authors: B. Kaluža, G. Kaminka, M. Tambe Eleventh International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2012) Abstract In many multiagent domains, no single observation event is sufficient to determine that the behavior of individuals is suspicious. Instead, suspiciousness must be inferred from a combination of multiple events, where events refer to the individual’s …


ECAI 2012: Confidence – Ubiquitous Care System to Support Independent Living (Demo)

Authors: M. Luštrek, B. Kaluža, B. Cvetkovic, E. Dovgan, H. Gjoreski, V. Mirchevska, and M. Gams European Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2012 Abstract The Confidence system aims at helping the elderly stay independent longer by detecting falls and unusual movement, which may indicate a health problem. The system uses location sensors and wearable tags to …