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Machine Learning in Java

My second book on Data Science is focused on how to implement Machine Learning applications in Java by leveraging most popular libraries such as Apache Mahout, Weka, deeplearning4java, and others. It is scheduled to be published by the end of the year. Machine Learning in Java will provide you with the techniques and tools you …

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Book: Instant Weka How-to

Author: B. Kaluža Pack Publishing, UK (ISBN : 1782163867) Data mining has become one of the hottest topics in computer science, mainly due to the vast amounts of data in diverse applications such as market basket analysis, reactive business intelligence, human genome sequence mining, speech recognition, document search, and spam detection. Instant Weka How-to shows …


Search Pathology

Computer games based on the minimax principle usually produce better results when searching deeper. When researchers attempted to explain this formally using mathematical models, they found that under seemingly reasonable conditions minimax behaves unexpectedly: deeper search produced worse results – just the opposite of what happens in practice. This phenomenon was termed minimax pathology. In …