Author: Bostjan


Activity Recognition

Activity recognition is an essential task that enables analysis of human behavior. We focused on recognition of activities from sensors that provide 3D coordinates (such as Vicon and Ubisense) using machine learning algorithms. We analyzed how sensor placement and amount of noise affects recognition accuracy and developed a series of filters to reduce noise in …


MMC Govorec: Text2Speech System

MMC RTV Govorec is a text-to-speech system for speaking Slovene from teletext RTV Slovenija. It was developed for the people with visual disabilities by Department of Intelligent Systems, Amebis d.o.o and RTV Slovenija. The application is Windows-based and provides simple navigation through the teletext pages. To make the application friendly to the people with visual …


Search Pathology

Computer games based on the minimax principle usually produce better results when searching deeper. When researchers attempted to explain this formally using mathematical models, they found that under seemingly reasonable conditions minimax behaves unexpectedly: deeper search produced worse results – just the opposite of what happens in practice. This phenomenon was termed minimax pathology. In …